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Empty oceans

Fish stocks and seas face multiple threats, but solutions to restore our vast blue ecosystem exist. : Michael Joiner, 360info CC BY 4.0

Fish stocks and seas face multiple threats, but marine scientists are working to find solutions to restore our vast blue ecosystem.

The ocean is a significant source of livelihood, food and medicine for billions of people around the world — oceans are the real lungs of our world.

But the cumulative impact of human mistreatment is taking a toll on our marine ecosystem’s structure, function and survival.

Annual World Oceans Day on June 8 focuses on conservation for future generations who will no doubt feel the effects of our actions today.

From pollutants entering the ocean, to overfishing and climate change, what we decide to do now can protect valuable ocean resources.

Last month’s Our Oceans Conference in the Pacific Island nation of Palau established six ways we can begin to do this: by advancing marine protected areas, tackling marine pollution from its source, creating sustainable blue economies, advancing small-scale fisheries, tackling climate change through resilience and action, and better ocean surveillance to combat illegal fishing.

Conference moderator Robert Richmond, research professor at the University of Hawaii, said: “We have a wicked problems in the ocean, but all of them are addressable.”

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