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Protecting the Waters of the Pacific Monument (Community Matters)

Indigenous leaders from the Pacific Remote Islands Coalition are writing to President Joe Biden asking him to expand protection of the waters around the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, specifically around Palmyra and Howland and Baker islands. The coalition is made up of cultural practitioners, scientists, conservationists, fishers, and community members, working together toward protecting the precious ocean waters of the PRI. Expansion would continue a bipartisan effort. President George W. Bush established the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument in 2009 around Wake, Baker, Howland, and Jarvis Islands, Johnston and Palmyra Atolls, and Kingman Reef, extending 50 nautical miles around each site for a total 83,000 square miles. In 2014, President Barack Obama expanded the boundaries around Wake Island, Jarvis Island, and Johnston Atoll to 200 nautical miles, to the edge of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, protecting 495,189 square miles. This expansion would further what these leaders have started.

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