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The faculty at PBRC train many masters and doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars on an individual basis in their laboratories.  Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars join PBRC laboratories because they are seeking specialized training, and are interested in the area of expertise of a particular faculty member.  In addition to directly training their own graduate students and post-doctoral scholars, PBRC faculty also share their expertise by serving on masters and doctoral student committees in a wide diversity of academic programs at the University.  Prospective graduate students and post-doctoral scholars interested in research through PBRC should contact directly the faculty member with whom you are interested in working to inquire about possible research opportunities in their lab.

PBRC faculty also provide research experience and training in their laboratories for large numbers of undergraduates and high school students. Each research laboratory typically supports multiple trainees, and these trainees have the opportunity to engage in hands-on research.  Undergraduate students join PBRC labs as research assistants, students doing “499” Directed Research, volunteers, or as Honors students seeking to develop a thesis project.  Most undergraduates undertake their own research projects and many help co-author one or more peer-reviewed publications.  By spending time in these labs, students are able to discover the type of research that most interests them, and they find the experience to be a valuable complement to their classroom education.

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