Selected Lenz Publications

Updated 2014-01-30

 Lenz, P.H. (2012) 
	"The biogeography and ecology of myelin in marine copepods" 
	J. Plankton Res. 34(7): 575-589 

Buskey, E.J., Lenz, P.H. and Hartline, D.K. (2012) 
	"Sensory perception, neurobiology, and behavioral adaptations for predator avoidance 
	in planktonic copepods."
	Adaptive Behavior 1059712311426801, first published on November 15, 2011

Lenz, P.H., Unal, E., Hassett, R.P., Smith, C.M., Bucklin, A., Christie, A.E., and Towle, D.W.(2012) 
	"Functional genomics resources for the North Atlantic copepod, Calanus finmarchicus:
	EST database and physiological microarray." 
	Comp. Biochem. Physiol. D, 7: 110-123.

Christie, A.E., Chapline, M.C., Jackson, J.M., Dowda, J.K., Hartline, N., Malecha, S.R., and Lenz, P.H. (2011) 
	Identification, tissue distribution and orexigenic activity of neuropeptide F (NPF)in penaeid shrimp."
	J. Exp. Biol. 214: 1386-1396

Gard, A.L., Lenz, P.H., Shaw, J.R., and Christie, A.E. (2009)
	"Identification of putative peptide paracrines/hormones in the water flea Daphnia pulex
	(Crustacea; Branchiopoda; Cladocera) using transcriptomics and immunohistochemistry."
	Gen. Comp. Endocrinol. 160: 271-287

VanderLugt, K., Cooney, M.J., Lechner, A. and Lenz, P.H. (2009) 
	"Cultivation of the paracalanid copepod, Bestiolina similis (Calanoida: Crustacea)."
	J. World Aquaculture Soc. 40: 616-628.

VanderLugt, K. and Lenz, P.H. (2008) 
	"Management of nauplius production in the paracalanid, Bestiolina similis (Crustacea: 
	Copepoda): Effects of stocking densities and culture dilution."
	Aquaculture 276: 69-77

Burdick, D.S., Lenz, P.H. and Hartline, D.K. (2007)  
	"Escape strategies in co-occurring calanoid copepods. 
	Limnol. Oceanog. 52: 2373-2385
Lenz, P.H., Hower, A.E., and Hartline, D.K. (2005) 
	"Temperature compensation in the escape response of a marine copepod, Calanus finmarchicus (Crustacea)"
	Biol. Bull. 209: 75-85.

Voznesensky, M., Lenz, P.H. Spanings-Pierrot, C. and Towle, D.W. (2004)
	"Genomic approaches to detecting thermal stress in Calanus finmarchicus (Copepoda:
	Calanoida)."  J. exp. mar. Biol. Ecol. 311: 37-46. [PDF] 

Lenz, P.H., Hower, A.E. and Hartline, D.K. (2004)
	"Force production during pereiopod power strokes in Calanus finmarchicus" 
	J. mar. Systems 49: 133-144. .

Buskey, E.J., Lenz, P.H. and Hartline, D.K. (2002)
	"Escape behavior of planktonic copepods in response to hydrodynamic disturbances:
	high speed video analysis" Mar. Ecol. Progr. Ser. 235: 135-146 Abstract or [PDF]	

Weatherby, T.M. and Lenz, P.H. (2000)
	"Mechanoreceptors in calanoid copepods: designed for high sensitivity"
	Arthropod Struct. Dev. 29: 275-288.
	Abstract or full text via [PDF]

Lenz, P.H., Hartline, D.K. and Davis, A.D. (2000)
	"The need for speed.  I.  Fast reactions and myelinated axons in copepods"
	J. comp. Physiol. 186: 337-345 Abstract or [PDF]

Weatherby, T.M., Davis, A.D., Hartline, D.K. and Lenz, P.H. (2000)
	"The need for speed.  II.  Myelin in calanoid copepods"
	J. comp. Physiol. 186: 347-357 Abstract or [PDF]

Davis, A.D., Weatherby, T.M., Hartline, D.K. and Lenz, P.H. (1999)
	"Myelin-like sheaths in copepod axons" Nature 398: 571. [PDF]
	For a synopsis of the findings, see Myelin and Copepod Escape
	While it lasts: Link to the Science Update piece by Eleanor Lawrence
					Link to inScight piece by Meher Antia

Lenz, P.H and Hartline, D.K. (1999)
	"Reaction times and force production during escape behavior of a calanoid
	copepod, Undinula vulgaris". Mar. Biol. 133: 249-258. Abstract or [PDF]

Hartline, D.K., Buskey, E.J. and Lenz, P.H. (1999)
	"Rapid jumps and bioluminescence elicited by controlled hydrodynamic stimuli
	in a mesopelagic copepod, Pleuromamma xiphias
	Biol. Bull. 197: 132-143. Abstract

Hartline, D.K., Lenz, P.H. and Herren, C.M. (1996) 
     "Physiological and behavioral studies of escape responses 
     in calanoid copepods" Mar. Fresh. Behav. Physiol. 27: 199-212 Abstract

Lenz, P.H., Weatherby, T.M., Weber, W. and Wong, K.K. (1996)
     "Sensory specialization along the first antenna of a calanoid copepod,
     Pleuromamma xiphias (Crustacea)" Mar. Fresh. Behav. Physiol. 27: 213-221.

Weatherby, T.M., Wong, K.K. and Lenz, P.H. (1994) 
     "Fine structure of the distal sensory setae on the first antennae
     of Pleuromamma xiphias Giesbrecht (Copepoda)" J. crustacean Biol. 14: 670-685.

Gassie, D.V., Lenz, P.H., Yen, J., and Hartline, D.K. (1993) 
     "Mechanoreception in zooplankton first antennae: Electro-
     physiological techniques"  Bull. Marine Sci. 53: 96-105

Lenz, P.H. (1993)
     "Vibration sensitivity in marine copepods" in 
     Wiese, K., Gribakin, F., Popov, A.V. and Renninger, G.H., 
     eds Sensory Systems of Arthropods, Birkhauser, Basil pp 423-430.

Lenz, P.H. and Yen, J. (1993)
	"Distal setal mechanoreceptors of the first antennae of marine copepods" Bull. Mar. Sci. 53:170-179.

Yen, J., Lenz, P.H., Gassie, D.V. and Hartline, D.K. (1992) 
     "Mechanoreception in marine copepods: electrophysiological 
     studies on the first antennae" J. Plankton Res. 14: 495-512.

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