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Leaving a lasting ocean legacy

Island communities have developed some of the most effective practices to support the sustainable use of coastal and ocean resources, we just need to take heed. In a vast ocean area with around 30,000 known islands, traditional navigators of the…

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Empty oceans

Fish stocks and seas face multiple threats, but solutions to restore our vast blue ecosystem exist. : Michael Joiner, 360info CC BY 4.0 Fish stocks and seas face multiple threats, but marine scientists are working to find solutions to restore…

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Mystery of seafloor metamorphosis unlocked

Most bottom-dwelling marine invertebrate animals, such as sponges, corals, worms and oysters, produce tiny larvae that swim in the ocean prior to attaching to the seafloor and transforming into juveniles. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy…

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COBRE-Nutrition Pilot Projects

Integrative Center for Precision Nutrition and Human HealthCOBRE Pilot Project Program2022 Call for Pre-Proposals Call for Pre-Proposals Pre-Proposal Cover Page Pre-Proposal Form Biosketch Form COBRE-Nutrition Specific Aims COBRE-Nutrition Community Engagement and Outreach Core COBRE-Nutrition CRAFT Core

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