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2023 Field Biology Award: Norine Yeung

As a malacologist focusing on Pacific Island land snails (the world’s most threatened animal group), Norine Yeung, along with her colleagues, have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of Hawaiian land snails. The work she has helped lead has resulted in the re-discovery of more than 200 species of Hawaiian land snails once thought to be extinct.

She uses an integrative approach combining historical collections from museums, genomic and morphological analyses, and fieldwork aimed at discovery, documentation, and conservation of biodiversity in remote and typically inaccessible locations throughout the Pacific.

As a science educator she engages students, teachers and community scientists in hands-on, field-based study and outreach to bridge the gap between research and applied management. Data from her work are helping transform conservation and STEM education across Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. 

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