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Monday, 29 April 2013

PBRC Faculty and Staff Recognized for Service

Seven PBRC faculty and staff members were recognized by Interim Director Dr. Alan Lau for their service to PBRC at a special ceremony on Monday, April 29.  Through its Service Award, PBRC honors those faculty and staff who have made a significant career commitment to PBRC.  The Service Award recognizes the full-time faculty and staff who have reached milestones of 10 years or more. 

Ms. Lynn Hata, secretary of Békésy Neurobiology Lab, was recognized for 40 years of service.  Research Associate Specialist Dr. Healani Chang, was honored for her 30 years of service.  Receiving awards for 20 years of service were Dr. Petra Lenz, Researcher, Interim Director Dr. Alan Lau with Interim Associate Director Dr. Marilyn Dunlap.Ms. Stacy Yamasaki-Ige, Administrative Officer in the PBRC Fiscal Office, and Mr. Michael Kido, Research Associate at CCRT.  Dr. Robert Cowie, Research Professor, and Ms. Jennifer Ho, Adminstrative Officer at CCRT, were also recognized for their 10 years of service.  Each honoree received a special Service Award certificate and lei. 

Also recognized at the ceremony, and receiving a standing ovation, was Interim Associate Director of PBRC, Dr. Marilyn Dunlap, for her tireless advocacy for PBRC over the past 10 years.  Congratulations to all recipients!