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Sunday, 15 September 2013

CCRT Hawaiian Tree Snail Conservation Lab and DLNR Collaborate on Endangered Tree Snail Rescue and Translocation Project

Dr. Brenden Holland, Director of the Hawaiian Tree Snail Conservation Lab, and Mr. David Sischo, Snail Extinction Prevention Program (SEPP) Coordinator at the Department of Land and Natural Resources, recently worked together on a translocation project of the rare, endemic Hawaiian tree snail, Achatinella concavospira.  Found only at a few locations within the southern Waianae Mountains on the island of Oahu, including the Honoulilui Forest Reserve, the species is in rapid decline due to predation by non-native species.  One of the last known populations of this beautiful snail was found to be in dire straits, reduced from a recently thriving population to only 24 individuals as a result of severe and sudden rat predation.  In response to this imminent threat of extinction, Holland and Sischo, a former Kewalo Marine Lab graduate student, collaborated with conservation researchers from several agencies on a project to rescue the entire population from the reserve and transport it to the UH Hawaiian Tree Snail Conservation Lab, where the snails were safely maintained by staff members of the lab.  All 24 snails were recently released back into a protective, predator-exclusion enclosure deep within the Honouliuli Forest Reserve, where they are safe from snail predators including rats, the wolf snail (Euglandina rosea), and Jackson's chameleons.  Sischo and DLNR staff will continue to monitor the status of this population.