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Wednesday, 04 September 2013

Dr. Angel Yanagihara Heads the Jellyfish Safety Team on Diana Nyad's Record Swim

PBRC Researcher Dr. Angel Yanagihara had the "honor and delight" of serving as the head of the Jellyfish Safety Team during Diana Nyad's recent record-breaking swim across the Florida Strait.  Nyad, 64, completed her historic, 110-mile swim from Cuba to Florida on her fifth attempt, after being thwarted in previous attempts by excruciating and paralyzing box-jellyfish stings.  Yanagihara, a world expert in box jellyfish, provided dive support for Nyad during the 52-hour endurance event, scouting the swim area for jellyfish and sharks, as well as providing the "sting-stopper" ointment she developed from her years on venom research.  "Sting-Stopper" is a lanolin-based ointment containing an inhibitor mixture invented by Yanagihara which prevents the stinging cells in the jellyfish tentacles from discharging, as well as aids in treating any potential stings.  Yanagihara applied "sting-stopper" every 90 minutes to exposed surfaces of Nyad's face, keeping her protected from any potential jellyfish encounters.  Yanagihara's treatment is licensed by Waterlife Research, which is testing a commercial treatment, and is the subject of several patent applications.