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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

PBRC Showcases Its Research Programs at the Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference

Dr. Healani Chang, Dr. Michael Hadfield, and Dr. Pat Couvillon volunteering at the PBRC booth.The Hawaiʻi Conservation Alliance (HCA), a consortium of governmental, educational, and non-profit groups whose mission is to manage the biodiversity of Hawaiʻi's lands and waters, hosted the 21st Annual Conservation Conference from July 16-18 at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center.  PBRC has had a long-standing partnership with the HCA, serving as its administrative home and providing leadership within the organization - Dr. Kenneth Kaneshiro has served as Executive Chair of HCA since its inception in 1993.  Faculty from PBRC volunteered their time at the Pacific Biosciences Research Center informational booth, showcasing the research programs going on in PBRC.  On display were a collection of rare Hawaiian Tree Snail shells, a frame from the Couvillon bee hive with samples of honey, and various coral skeletons.